We proudly announce that we will be the title sponsor for UCS Swedish Open also 2018.

Facts about the UCS Swedish Open

  • Europe's second largest competition with an international title to win
  • Players on site representing over 30 different countries
  • Impressive starting field in absolute world class with, among other things, 9 of the world's 15 best players
  • The final was decided between world coach Greg Gaultier (France) and world champion and reigning world champion Karim Abdel Gawad (Egypt). Greg Gaultier took home the title.
  • Over 6500 spectators were in attendance for a total of four days at Linköping Sports Hall
  • Approximately 300 participants in the "wide competition" UCS Squash Cup with 19 classes

Watch the film from UCS Swedish Open 2017.

SO17 Final from Swedish Open Squash on Vimeo.