About UCS

UCS parent company strives for continuous growth of the Group. We do this by:

Support the subsidiaries in their organic growth.

Utilize and encourage synergies within the Group.

Acquire and develop well-managed and profitable companies in industry, IT, Management and accounting.

Invest in innovative startup companies.

Our goal is to constantly be the given first choice by:

Get an impression of the market and the needs of our customers.

Offer future-proof, safe and affordable overall solutions based on the unique needs of each company or organization.

Capture and take advantage of innovations and new ideas.

Always focus on the customer benefit.

Sustainability, regarding our nature as well as the working environment for our employees and of course also in the meeting with our customers and their operations, is an incredibly important part of our value foundation. We want to build long-term and safe relationships with quality and therefore work according to:

The quality management system ISO 9001

The environmental management system ISO 14001

We are also rated with the highest credit rating AAA