The year was 1985 when a young Saied Ghannadan came to Sweden from Iran and eventually began to study mathematics at Linköping University. Interest in computers was growing and while Saied was doctoring in optimization, the hobby developed into a business concept. In 1993, Saied started his journey as a contractor focusing on hardware. Building and delivering components and solutions based on PC technology was then the main focus.

As the technology evolved, Saied experienced a growing demand for genuine know-how and steered the business towards also delivering smart and sustainable IT solutions.

“Delivering a little more and a little better, with a long-term business relationship as a goal has always been my driving force,” he says.

In 1999, UCS (United Computer Systems in Scandinavia AB) was founded with the aim of expanding its operations to, in addition to IT hardware, also deliver competence, IT-related services, business systems and tools for competence development and knowledge in business management.

An unfailing customer focus is the driving force in the company's growth journey and in 2015 we reached a long-awaited milestone: UCS became a group (UCS Group AB) where every business is now conducted in each subsidiary.

“The unique collaboration between the UCS Group's various companies creates a dynamic that makes us a dream factory. We not only want to be a supplier in the line, but to be close as a reliable partner and focus on your specific needs. We want your business to reach its full potential.” says Saied.

At the forefront and with one ear towards the market, we intend to continuously develop, grow and improve.

Welcome on the journey!