UCS Gruppen acquires CENT Group AB

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Linköping 2018-12-10


Press Release


United Computer Systems in Scandinavia AB (UCS), headquartered in Linköping, through its subsidiary UCS Ekonomiserve AB, has acquired CENT Group AB (CENT) with its subsidiaries CENT Ekonomi AB, CENT Företagsutveckling AB and Smedjan Ekonomikonsult AB, thereby creating a strong regional company with great growth opportunities.

UCS today, through its subsidiaries Industrial IT solutions, IT services and IT products as well as financial services and business system solutions, is established in Linköping, Norrköping, Västerås and Stockholm. CENT offers financial and business development services in Linköping and Norrköping.

Together we create a company that is a regional market leader for consulting services in the financial field. Based on both companies' niche areas of expertise and with a clear profile against digital offers and qualified advice in accounting, tax, salary and financial management, there is a great potential for growth, says Maria Hedvall CEO at UCS Ekonomiservice.

CENT, which already has a strong offer in corporate development and with a special focus on developing management groups, according to CEO Peter Myrgård will now have opportunities to reach a larger market and even more customers.

Following the purchase of CENT, UCS will break the SEK 100 million limit in terms of sales and be more than 100 employees. With this acquisition, we will not only be able to secure even better qualities on our deliveries, but also complement the group's service portfolio with several attractive components and offers. We become one of the largest and leading consulting companies in the region, says CEO Saied Ghannadan.